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Our COVID-19 response

All pilots have been equipped with hand sanitizer which is refilled daily or as required.

Pilots are mandated to contact the customer to ask for contactless delivery prior to pickup and dropoff.

All delivery bags are cleaned daily to limit cross contamination.

All parcels are handled with disposable gloves which are disposed after each pickup.

We encourage you to only seek information from trustworthy sources when it comes to COVID-19. A couple of good examples are The World Health Organization or an Interactive Dashboard by Johns Hopkins CSSE .

Our Business Package

website transport delivery

Order Managment API

Create orders, track orders, and order history with real time analytics on our platform and yours via our API.

On-boarding Credit

Enjoy monthly credit facility to do business for the month in their wallet .

delivery website

Free Micro-site

Businesses can build a customizable micro-site which features their brand information and products all for FREE FOREVER .


We employ the use of traditional and modern methods of solving query so as to cater to our wide range of clients quickly and effectively.


We are constanly rewarding old and new customers with special offers, loyalty points and unbeatable discounts on our services and that of our collaborators.

Remittance Tech

Our revolutionary Cashless Pay-On-Delivery technology helps business owners get paid via our wallet system instantly.

Make something awesome

We go beyond logistics to deliver marketing and advertising tools, resources and tips to our business community absolutely FREE to help them stand out amongst the competition as we recognise that your success is our success.

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Built to adapt to your business operations

Our solutions are built to scale any type of business of setup. We create tailored solutions to adapt to your business model all in an effort to give you a seamless logistics experience from start to finish.

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